Vertical Type RFID Blocking Badge Holder


Size: 99Wx 61mm
Color: Assorted Color
Thickness: 30 mil
Card Size: CR80 Card
Feature: Protect smart card and ID card

AC913 Slot Hole Size
Assorted color - blue for your options
AC913 Can be use with other attachment, like swivel hook, badge clip and son on.
Assorted color - green for your options
AC913 Card Size
Assorted color - orange for your options
AC913 30mil card both can use our badge holder
Assorted color - pink for your options
AC913 With thumb hole on the back side, easily to move
Assorted color - red for your options
AC913 Frosted material
Assorted color - transparent for your options

All Standard Card Can Use

  • All CR80 (=86x54mm) cards both can use our badge holder.

Card Thickness

  • 30mil (=0.76mm-0.89mm). Smart design to secure card failing out.

Highest Security Protect

  • Blocks RFID chips in cards from being read without permission.


  • FIPS 201 Approved Card Holders, EOS Badge Holder, APL#1501

Holds Two Cards Available

  • This type badge holder can hold two ID cards.

Assorted Color For Options

  • Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Clear, Orange, Purple and Yellow Color For Options.


  • Can be used with swivel hook, badge clip, snap hook and lanyard.
    • Material: Polycarbonate (PC)
    • Card Size: Credit Card Size
    • Color: Assorted Color For Options
    • Type: Security RFID Badge Holder
    • Customized Service With Logo Design: Available
    • Smaple Time: 3-5days